Savannah Grass!365 is thrilled to have partnered with the Savannah Children’s Museum for an amazing turf playground project.  Savannah Children’s Museum is a one-of-a-kind playground and educational facility.  Housed in a 200+ year old carpenter shop next to the Savannah Railroad Museum, this unique play area includes a playground, play lawn, maze, and nature gardens.  Prior to the holidays, there was a little grass that struggled to grow due to so many little feet running around on it all the time.  Savannah Grass!365 just replaced all of the grass areas with beautiful Seal Tuft Artificial Turf!  It came out great!!  Check out the pictures.  No more dirt and mud.  Just a great, child-friendly play area that is eco-friendly and beautiful year round.  Savannah Grass!365 also donated a custom-made blue and white artificial turf frog logo for the Savannah Children’s Museum.  Call us anytime to discuss your unique artificial turf playground or child-friendly play area!