We are proud to distribute and install only Eco-Friendly “Seal Tuft” Artificial Grass at Savannah Grass!365!  95% of all synthetic grass products on the market will end up in a landfill at the end of its life cycle.  Grass!365 Savannah/Hilton Head distributes and installs Seal Tuft which is one of the only one stage recyclable artificial turf products on the market!  Conserve water and install the best eco-friendly artificial grass products available!  Seal Tuft is so environmentally friendly because it uses a special technology that seals the tufts on the back of the turf without using a petroleum backing.  95% of all artificial turf on the market uses a petroleum-based backing which cannot be recycled.  The Seal Tuft technology has the added benefit of superior drainage also.  The petroleum-based backed turf products (which is almost everywhere else!) drains at only 30 inches per hour as they punch holes in the product for drainage.  Seal Tuft turf drains at over 1,000 inches per hour!  We, at Grass!365 Savannah, are proud to offer a superior turf product that is also the most environmentally friendly artificial turf available.  Call us today to learn how you can conserve water with your new artificial turf lawn today!